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Your real estate dreams begin now. Everyday we help great people achieve exceptional results, and we’re eager to do the same for you. Through our expert advice, invaluable guidance and hands-on support, we’re devoted to not only accomplishing your current goals, but defining your legacy for years to come. Let us make your next move in real estate the best yet… For you, your family, and your dreams.


We help you build a legacy using real estate






Legacy Builders

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Julie Mang




Eunice Oh

I was born and raised in SoCal where the suns always out, the beaches are gorgeous and the mountains are just minutes away. As amazing as Southern California is, I get it. The diversity, the sheer size can make the home buying and selling process daunting.  I am passionate about connecting people and building good communities. I am active where I live and have an intimate understanding of the various neighborhoods that I serve. I love nothing more than sharing this and helping anyone, be it first time home buyer, those looking for their forever ... Click here for more about Eunice.

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Karlo Campana


Here at Lorico Legacy Group we pride ourselves in our quality of work, property listings, and above all the quality of our client experience!

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