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As a multi-award winning agent with a pedigree of success, everything that Mark Lorico does in real estate begins and ends with family.Born in Long Beach and raised in the Bellflower area, Mark was introduced to real estate at the tender age of five, when his father became an agent. Even before he was studying Real Estate Finance at the California State University of Long Beach, Mark continued to gain first-hand experience by helping his Dad get most for his clients.

To further expand his business and marketing acumen, Mark worked as a Sales Supervisor for Wells Fargo, later as an Insurance Agent for the Auto Club, and as a Senior Loan Officer for Nation Point. During this time, Mark made a name for himself across the industry after closing a large volume of loans nationwide.

Yet, throughout all of his success, Mark missed having direct contact with the people he served. This unfulfilled, burning desire confirmed what he always knew and his destined calling as a real estate agent could not wait any longer.

In 2006, Mark joined his father’s brokerage, Home Quest Realty. After honing his skills, developing into a strong team leader and trainer for all agents in the office, Mark sought to set out on his own and build upon the example his father had instilled in him. In the years since, Mark’s rare mix of ability, expertise and client first approach has set the real estate world by storm. In just the past two years alone, Mark’s won a handful of awards and the admiration of countless clients.

As Mark works tirelessly to exceed expectation, he continues to exemplify the family values that founded his career through expert guidance and support intent on helping every client grow their legacy.

...and he’s just getting started!


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