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KArlo Campana

Karlo was raised in the heart of Orange County in Tustin, Ca. Karlo’s dedication to exceptional customer service, attention to detail and unwavering pursuit to succeed guided him to the Lorico Legacy Group in order to better serve his clientele.


Before starting as a real estate professional, Karlo worked for more than 3 years in the sales and customer service industry focusing on the needs of his customers and delivering exceptional service. After a successful career helping his clients Karlo shifted his attention to his clients looking to sell, buy, or invest in real estate. 


He is a graduate from the University of Redlands - Master of Business Administration in Marketing program. As a result Karlo finished at the top of his class for his comprehensive reports, collaborative efforts, and interactive presentations.


In his free time, Karlo enjoys playing basketball in his community, checking out new local eateries, volunteering at his church, listening to audio books and podcast, and spending time with his family and friends. The positive environment that Karlo has created by sharing what he has learned, helping others and his optimistic attitude draws those around him into that environment.